Top 5 New York Web Designers

Jun 09, 2014

top 5 web designers in New YorkThe New York design scene is always a high-impact, intense and creative culture among the array of traditional, commercial and digital artists in the city.

NYC is full of both phenomenal artistic designers, to the lack of a better word, amateur scene in the professions of photography, commercial design, web designers, traditional art, fashion, and over a hundred other niche areas within the art and design community.

In the New York digital art scene, our committment to helping individuals, SOHO’s, startups and small businesses and the corporate brands to connect with the best New York web designers and web design companies has always been a forefront principle of ours.

These web design agencies and freelance designers we found are among our top list, evaluated across numerous criteria, who have shown  the virtue and reputation to in helping professionals and brands to best align their over-arching goals  objectives online, and deliver through a foundational strategy of a compelling user-centric website design. Oh ya, and they’re creative too ;-).

Successful online businesses understand that web design is not about a creative or unique design or piece of art work. It is about a digital design that enables your various audience personas to engage and experience your unique value propositions throughout their online journey and across each decision or buying stages of their online experience on your website.

A user-centric design is fundamental, and these NY web designers have showcased a UX web design that delivers a tailored audience experience that impacts and influences the personas behaviors on your website. Among a UX (user experience) designed website, its essential the website embraces a responsive or adaptive design across the form factors of desktop, mobile and tablet to ensure the online experience of your brand is felt no matter where or how they access your website.

Our ranking of the best web design companies in New York covers only the top tier designers who we evaluate across a number of factors, including design style and workmanship, creativity, support, client business acumen, industry and local recognition, innovative strategies and the intangible personal touch that has earned them the reputation to exceed client expectations.

This review of designers in New York should help you find the best web design company to succeed in your online goals, and simplify your search for the best New York web design agency for your project.

In no particular order, here is our list of the top 5 web designers in New York.

1. MJA Impressions
New York Web Design

MJA Impressions is a 15 year young web design company in New York, Vancouver and Toronto. They are a web design agency whose client list ranges from individual professionals as real-estate agents and artists, to startups and small businesses to house-hold national brands. What makes this design agency unique is they’ve build their entire business on reputation and referrals, never having spent $1 on advertising to secure new clients.

MJA Impressions made the top 5 list of web designers in New York for their customer-centric approach to what and how a website should do, and the deep-dive discovery they take with clients to understand audience personas, online user-experience, data-driven insights from web analytics and customer CRM databases, competitor data and more.

They bake this deep Discovery process to plan and map the creative approach to clients web design layouts, platforms and creativity. MJA Impressions help clients across mobile-friendly websites, custom websites as online stores, corporate sites, social networks and custom business models, and an extremely deep understanding and track record of online digital strategy to help clients in areas of demand generation, lead generation, conversion and retention. These ‘marketing’ web designers in New York truly get it and why they’ve made our top 5 list of New York web designers.


While is a new kid on the block for the last 2 years. A top rated New York web designer, they web design company that makes up for its new car smell with a wealth of talent and team experience spanning across a combined 45 years.

The agency is comprised of a group of talented web designers from New York to Los Angeles who operate a 24/7 digital business model that allows them to offer their digital design talent to clients in New York, and abroad.

The web design team comprises of talented designers who’ve mastered their UX design experience in some of the top creative and design agencies in America, having produced design work across various national and global brands as Nike, Apple, Bank of America, Michael Kors and even Facebook.

Similar to MJA Impressions, they have a proven web design process that embraces a data-driven and user-experience mindset, with a foundation of creativity and innovation. They hand-hold clients through a Discovery process to capture their vision and over-arching goals, and expand on persona and customer behavioral insights to create a website that delivers a strong platform and utility for clients customers. also have a strong eye for mobile web design, delivering websites that are responsive to multiple break points for mobile (iPhone, Android, Blackberry) and tablets. portfolio comprises of various web designs for online businesses as creative artist portfolios, social networks and communities, small business and corporate brochure websites, online ecommerce stores (even an online funeral store selling caskets for sale online), and a variety of other online businesses from over 40 industries.

3. Blue Mountain Media

If you have an idea about how to improve your website, then Blue Foundation Media will get it going. There are several services that the company offers from designing a site for a new company to creating a traffic page for the business. This service includes pay per click pages and search engine optimization. Blue Foundation Media offers a wide array of services from strategy and consulting, creative design to help bring your ideas to life, web and mobile development, and online marketing.  The Blue Mountain team of designers are extremely talented in their craft, among a solid team that has earned the respect and admiration from world class companies. We’ve included the team at Blue Mountain in our top 5 list for their exceptional talent and disciplines, and an award winning design portfolio that is impressive to anyone seeking web design services in New York.

4. Wear Interactive

Wear is a New York web design company that designs and develops custom build websites, mobile sites and digital marketing campaigns to help businesses grow. The Wear Interactive team knows their clients website are the first thing the customers sees and the first impression that the customer has of the company. This is why Wear has produced some beautiful and innovative sites. The team at Wear is also known for aiding in mobile application development.

5. The New York Web Designer
Freelance Web Designer is a group of talented designers in New York city who bring a focus and design to your website that is like none other. The team consists of a close knit group of freelance NYC web designers led by a Andrea Bertola. Andrea brings an eye for creativity and innovation. She has a passion to work entrepreneurs & professionals that give her clients the intangible one-on-one personalized attention they seek by someone who truly understands the entire creative process.

This freelance web design company in New York is conveniently located in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, NY, where freelance designer Andrea immerses herself into the modern and affordable web design process tailored to each clients needs. Her freelancing skills stems across digital specialities as web design, logo design, online video production, social media, search engine optimization, graphic design, online marketing, web sites for entrepreneurs, start-ups and other professionals.

The above gives a good flavor of New York freelance web designers, design agencies and enterprise level web design companies that anyone seeking the launch of a new website or re-launching an existing one for the nth time over, can contact in their evaluation and reviews of New York website designer partners.

Our top 5 list of professional web design companies can help anyone or any company in New York, or anywhere across the globe, with a strong digital foundation to grow your business.

No matter what size your business is, these companies can improve your web presence and show you ways to reach new customers. Your company is different from the business next door, and your website should reflect your unique philosophy. It’s important to find a professional web designer that can design a website to match your goals and needs, and in the state of New York, or directly in the Big Apple, any of these top 5 NYC web designers can deliver.

However, it is important to note that all of the companies on this list offer different services at different price points. What works for an international corporation may not work for a mom-and-pop shop. You can explore each of their websites and contact them directly to get a better feel of what kind of web design service or online marketing service will be a fit for your business.

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